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Fiddler Green Plaza, Auburn CA

Fiddler Green Plaza, Auburn CA
LED Fixture Upgrade/Installation Project

Parking Lot

The owners of Fiddler Green Center, located in Auburn, CA, came to Century Lighting & Electric asking for help to save energy at their retail center and to also improve their lighting quality as their parking lot was quite dark. Their existing lighting fixtures were a standard shoebox style fixture utilizing a 175W Metal Halide lamp and ballast. In order to save energy as well as drastically improve the lighting quality of the center, Century Lighting & Electric replaced the fixtures with new 102W CREE Lighting LED Fixture mounted to the existing poles. These fixtures offer a better light quality as well as an improved lighting distribution. This project will save the customer over 50% on their energy consumption for their parking lot lighting.

These are true energy savings as the lighting levels and quality were increased overall while reducing energy consumption.