UAIH Headquarters

UAIH Headquarters, Auburn CA
LED Upgrade & Installation

Century Lighting & Electric Partners with the United Auburn Indian Counsel for an Amazing LED Lighting Upgrade.

The United Auburn Indian Counsel reached out to Century Lighting & Electric to offer a competitive bid for a turn-key exterior lighting LED fixture upgrade at their Corporate Office in Auburn, CA. There were a total of 353 existing fixtures that needed to be removed and upgrade with new LED fixtures and lamps.Parking Lot The existing (25) parking lot light poles utilized a 150 watt Metal Halide fixture that Century Lighting & Electric upgraded to a new CREE LED Lighting Manufactured 53 watt parking lot pole fixture. These fixtures are outfitted with an integrated motion activated dimming control, that will dim the fixtures by 70% when there is no movement in the parking lot, in order to capture additional energy savings opportunities. Once any movement is sensed, the fixtures will immediately return to full 100% brightness.

The exterior building lighting consisted of (42) 70 watt metal halide wallpacks and (16) dual-lamp compact fluorescent decorative up-light fixtures. The wallpack fixtures were upgraded with a new CREE LED Lighting Manufactured, 25 watt wallpack fixture and the compact fluorescent decorative up-light fixtures were retrofitted with new LED replacement lamps.

There was an abundance of existing lighting fixtures for the property’s walkways and stairwells. Through proper 3-D lighting design, offered by Century Lighting & Electric, the 153 existing 39 watt in-ground walkway fixtures were removed and replaced with 73 new CREE LED Manufactured, 34 watt LED bollard fixtures. This reduction of fixtures provided a substantial energy savings for the UAIC as well as better lighting and safer walkways. Additionally, there were a total of 117 compact fluorescent wall recessed fixtures for the handicapped access ways and stairwells that were retrofitted with new LED replacement lamps.Walkway

Overall, by partnering with Century Lighting & Electric, the UAIC was able to reduce their energy usage of these fixtures by more than 70% with a project payback of less than 4 years. The installed CREE LED Fixtures are backed by a 10-year warranty, which will provide substantial maintenance savings at the property for the coming years. The overall lighting level, quality and distribution were greatly improved to provide a much safer night time environment.

Check out the Aerial Before/After Footage!